lmpossible Shoreline Walk #2

A historical, geological walk with sound, tracing the ancient shoreline of Hunter’s Point, accompanied by a soundscape composition of the current post industrial shore. The walk was produced for Chance Ecologies, a sight specific, public art series focusing on Hunter’s Point South, a 35 year abandoned construction sight at the confluence of the East River and Newtown Creek. This missing hill was the only dry land in Hunter’s Point, the rest being a tidal salt marsh, until 1854, when the hill was bulldozed to fill in the marsh to the current shoreline, 3 blocks away, and invoke more than 150 years of industrial occupation. By walking the long gone footprint of the hill, we evoke land features of a more natural Hunters Point on the eve of another developer’s dream. The site will soon be the home of 4 new high-rise residential towers, further obscuring it’s past.

Photo by Catherine Grau