The Eighth Nerve

The Eighth Nerve is a compilation of ambient works, some for dance, some for film, some for the sake of sound. “The Eighth Nerve is a sensitive and thoughtful affair. Dreamily deceptive spaces start to open up. Blurred shamanic voices drift, forms tumble and spin”…

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“quite a few are like semi-precious stones whose many facets cast beguiling reflections as they are turned round and round in your ear.The languorous “Rotation” is particularly tactile; you feel as if you could sink your arms up to your elbows in its spongey softness; “Ode 5” recalls Tibetan singing bowls to Zen-out to; and “Choral Loops” features a mad, over-caffinated violinist who´s lost his klezmer band but keeps playing the same notes over and over until fragments of a choir join him – possibly the most arresting piece in the collection, one that certainly needs no dance number or stage scene going on in front of it to provide context.”

Stephen Fruitman for Sonomu.Net