Well Tempered

A 16 channel sound piece involving piano samples and other sounds being propelled around an overhead grid of speakers by a max/msp random walk patch.

Well Tempered Excerpt

This 4-minute excerpt of Well Tempered is a 2-channel mix down of a single 16 minute playing of the max/msp 16-channel patch. In the only installation of this piece it was 16 minutes and 16 channels played back on Stephan Moore’s 16 hemispherical speaker array. All of the sounds in this piece are directly derived from single note samples of a Yamaha grand piano. The pitches sampled are all derived from the overtone series of the starting pitch, C. The samples were digitally edited using MOTU’s Digital Performer and a host of MAX/MSP derived plug-ins. Compositional techniques are derived from musique concrete notions, minimalist repetition, and a periodicity template used to iterate the frequency of the musical events. The 8 sound files have been imaged in the 16-channel hemispherical speaker array using Max/MSP patches originally written by Stephan Moore. The patches are specifically focusing on moving sounds around the grid in interesting and random ways. In this patch the sounds were played back using a random walk controlling pitch, amplitude and placement within the grid.