New Years Eve

Video and audio of fireworks on new years eve, out the back window of my apartment, slowed way down and filtered to become beautiful digital flowers, slowly blooming.

35 Seconds on the Beach

35 seconds of still photographs shot with my iphone on a Lake Michigan beach are arranged in foreground and back in a "Blow Up" style video. Time is fractured and explored from multiple viewpoints as it relates to each individual grouping of people.

Construction Time

A series of photographs of and through construction site windows. These works explore the reveal of the site within, as well as the aesthetics of construction windows, the public's response to them via graffiti and defacement and, more generally, the reflection of commercial progress in New York City. [...]

Buried River Reminence

A video work involving a dry line marking of the original course of the buried portion of the Flushing River in Flushing Meadow Park.Two synched shots of the foreground and the line being marked are shown in split screen and combined with hydrophone recordings of the current Flushing River. [...]

Impossible Bridge

A collaboration with media artist Dylan Gauthier, this performance was part of the Chance Ecologies Newtown Creek, a day of events which was in turn part of Rebecca Solnit's Nonstop Metropolis: The Remix. [...]

4 Maps About a Missing Hill

These prints were created as part of "Chance Ecologies, Hunter's Point South", an ecological site specific group inquiry in Hunter's Point Queens. [...]

lmpossible Shoreline Walk #2

A historical, geological walk with sound, tracing the ancient shoreline of Hunter's Point, accompanied by a soundscape composition of the current post industrial shore. [...]

Home Invasion

  A video and audio installation in which footage of an ambulance outside my window, and its reflection on the wall of my living room is slowed way down and presented in opposition in a space. [...]

Empty Nest

An installation of an ambient light video projection with 4 channel audio. [...]

Autolite Car Horn Series, #1

A series of sound sculptures utilizing repurposed 1940's/50's car horns to house field recordings and other sonic narratives.  [...]

Looking, the other way

Looking, the other way is a light, sound and video installation in which some of the more magical elements of my morning commute are explored and abstracted. [...]

Introducing your 10th floor hvac drones

A sound map of the hvac drones on the tenth floor of the main  SAIC building. My attempt to figure out my new sonic environment.

4 Landscapes

4 Landscapes is a recording augmented sound walk in which imagined soundscapes of 4 places on Peter Stuyvesant's 1650 Farm are overlaid on the obviously transformed grid of the East Village today. [...]

Music the Brain and Ecstacy

Improvised, live mixed soundscape composition involving field recordings both strait and effected combined with live foley effects. [...]


Subterraneans is a soundscape collage in which field recordings of NYC subway and other transportation sounds are mixed together with copious effects. [...]


Candy is a collaboration with video artist Thomas Dunn in which found video content and pre recorded audio were mixed live. [...]

Well Tempered

A 16 channel sound piece involving piano samples and other sounds being propelled around an overhead grid of speakers by a max/msp random walk patch. [...]

Musique D’ Ombre

Musique d' Ombre is a live musique concrete creation with sound artist Jonny Farrow in which the principles of Pierre Schaeffer's concept of Acousmatics, or sounds removed from their source, are explored. [...]

Subterranean Homesick Streams

This Elastic City commissioned walk traces the downtown shoreline of what was Haarlem Creek or Montagna’s Creek depending on which historical figures you ask. [...]

SoundBox 1

SoundBox is a series of live Musique Concrete solos with a very performative and theatrical setting by Edmund Mooney, Jonathan Farrow and Andrea Williams. [...]