Change My State

Change My State is my 4rth release, but my 1st with vocals and rock arrangements in place of minimal electronic settings.

Trade Is Sublime

Trade is Sublime is a multidisciplinary video piece bringing together Theater Artists, Film Makers, Anthropologists, Choreographers and Composers to explore the concept of trade as a transcendent human endeavor. [...]

Orchestral Works

Filmic, melancholy and or uplifting. [...]

Phoenician Women

Phoenician Women by Euripides tells a tragic story of moral lapses and jealousy run amok. [...]


A collaboration of sound, light, video, and movement by 7 arts.  [...]

Beyond Materials

Beyond Materials is a compilation of dance works involving heavy use of sample manipulation and soundscape composition. [...]


An evocative evening length dance work by Nugent/Matteson Dance. [...]

The Eighth Nerve

The Eighth Nerve is a compilation of ambient works, some for dance, some for film, some for the sake of sound. [...]

Happy Trails

Electronica in all it's eclectic glory focusing on creative use of found sounds and irregular rhythms. [...]