Trade Is Sublime

Trade is Sublime is a multidisciplinary video piece bringing together Theater Artists, Film Makers, Anthropologists, Choreographers and Composers to explore the concept of trade as a transcendent human endeavor. [...]

Orchestral Works

Filmic, melancholy and or uplifting.These are rendered with orchestral sample packages so if you have an orchestra I need a reading! [...]

Phoenician Women

Phoenician Women by Euripides tells a tragic story of moral lapses and jealousy run amok. [...]


A collaboration of sound, light, video, and movement by 7 arts.  [...]

Beyond Materials

Beyond Materials is a compilation of dance works involving heavy use of sample manipulation and soundscape composition. [...]


An evocative evening length dance work by Nugent/Matteson Dance. [...]

The Eighth Nerve

The Eighth Nerve is a compilation of ambient works, some for dance, some for film, some for the sake of sound. [...]

Happy Trails

Electronica in all it's eclectic glory focusing on creative use of found sounds and irregular rhythms. [...]